Welcome to our back garden in North Oxfordshire...and meet our feathered visitors!

Sunday, 29 May 2011


My favorite of our garden birds has to be the blackbirds. No, they aren't the most beautiful birds in our garden. But they are the most comical, and the males are the best singers!

There are several characteristics of blackbirds that make them special to me. One is how they literally hop all around the lawn, looking for worms. A few times I've had the chance to see one hop in place on the grass and then cock his/her head, listening for the sound of worms in the soil. It's very hard to see what they are eating without some sort of magnification; but even with the most basic of binoculars, you can see them pulling the worms out of the soil. It's very entertaining!

I also enjoy the behavior of young blackbirds, who follow their parents around the garden, begging for food. I still haven't managed a very clear photo of a blackbird male or female feeding a chick, but hopefully my luck will change one of these days.

I'll post here a few of the blackbird photos I've taken in the past...and remember that you can click on any of them to see a larger version.

A male blackbird, hopping around our lawn.

A baby blackbird, hiding in the plants near our front door.

The blackbirds enjoy the little pool near our back door...

...flapping and spilling water everywhere...

...and then looking a bit dishevelled on the edge!


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